Variety of relaxing massages

Anti-cellulite massage

*It will help to combat stubborn cellulites and to show off a smooth and fat-free skin. What we will do is treat those areas in which fat has been installed forming unsightly adiposities. The areas that we will treat will be those of the buttocks, abdomen and legs. For this we will use specific anti-cellulite oils together with manual treatment. This way we will achieve better results.

* This type of massage lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Relieving massage

* Decompresses the affected and stressed areas, caused by the stress of daily life, whether muscular or joint that cause specific pain.

* One of the benefits of decontracting massage is that it helps to improve the energy flow and eliminate discomfort.

Sports massages

* They are recommended before and after sports practice. Also by way of prevention to avoid injuries. We move to the place you indicate. * With this type of massage, what is done is to prepare the muscle for sports practice and relax it afterwards. In addition, the mobility of the joints is improved, pain is reduced and overloads are eliminated. * We give this type of massage without using any machine. Everything is done manually and its duration will depend on the ailment (it will be around 60 minutes).

Relaxing and neurosedating massages

This type of massage offers surprising results. It improves all the internal functions of the organism and manages to solve many pathologies derived from stress and anxiety. We propose the following types:

* Relaxing massage: essential oils are used and it is given throughout the body.

* Anti-stress: it will help to combat stress.

* Neurosedative for facial skull: enjoy its anti-stress and relaxing benefits.