Body treatments

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Hot stone massages

* It is a Japanese chiromassage that is performed using hot and cold volcanic stones. It acts on pain, it is invigorating and stimulating.

* It is made with bags of seeds and with hot herbs. It will help us relax and increase blood flow. It also relaxes the muscles and improves the appearance of the skin. This type of massage is one of the most recommended for all those who have muscle pain due to overload, psychic stress or overtraining.

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Our treatments

* At Délite Centro De Quiromasaje we offer a wide variety of massages for body treatments, all of them for different purposes. We recommend that you contact us (we are in Mojácar Playa) and tell us about your case so that we can inform you in a more personal way.

* Your health and well-being will benefit from this type of massage for body treatments. To carry them out we use different methods and products. In this way we will achieve surprising results. They are the best option to dissolve the possible adiposities that we have, activate circulation and lymphatic drainage and help us relax. For this we use two types of massage

Treatments with wine and coconut

In this case we are talking about wine therapy and cocotherapy. We will exfoliate the skin using an exfoliating gel, then we will make a cream or mud coverage and, finally, a massage with essential oil of wine or coconut is given. Thanks to all this process, the following benefits will be obtaine:

*It exfoliates and cleanses the skin.

*We will tone. We will hydrate.

*Circulation is improved.

*Signs of fatigue are eliminated.

*Accumulated tensions are released.

*There is an extra supply of vitamins.

*The natural production of collagen is stimulated.

*Lastly, it helps to maintain elasticity and firmness.

With bamboo canes: it is a Chinese technique.
Amazing therapeutic effects will be achieved.